I miss xanga

Its just not the same on here, I feel like there is not community.
I almost see no point to blogging anymore, I have stopped getting too personal awhle ago and have turned to journals… which I am not a big fan of, I lack consistency, which is true of my blogging as well, but it’s quite worse in journaling retrospect. At least I do so for when it mattes, like important life events or common frustration, or misguided judgements or discussion, and such.
I really do miss the community of xanga, I know some of my xanga buddies are on here as well, but it’s just not the same.
I mean wordpress is nice and all, its just… you know… its not the same! I actually have so much goin on right now and so much I desperately need to get out to be able to make sense of it all, but I cant, not true I won’t. I just done feel comfortable going all personal on here anymore, I don’t know if I ever did. 
I really do miss xanga… Its there I know, I just refuse to pay to be apart of it, so really I miss the old xanga! I miss my friends from xanga even more!


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