1 year

Apparently it is my one year anniversary with wordpress, so my notifications informed me! I haven’t regularly posting on here for quite some time and this is not an update to say that I am going to change that, because my postings and updates will still remain sparatic at best. Despite my lack of posting and blogging I do check on those I follow and read their blogs even if I do not comment, I am well up to date on the lives of you all!

From reading blogs of those I follow these last few months, I find that even though I do not know any of you on a personal level, I feel deeply invested in all of your lives! And it caused me to think, and to wander, and find that is really is possible to come to know people that you have never met (it sounds like a strange oxymoron, doesn’t it?). And I recall a post I read by a friend and by friend I mean from a blog I read that was regarding falling in love in some form or another with everyone she (Morgan) met. And I believe I commented and even did a follow up to her and agreed with that and knowing that I do the same as well. I think that it is also true of me in the sense that I have fallen in love with each of you more and more each time I read a blog update. Not in the sense of I love you, I want to marry you, by no means in that regard, but in the sense of wow, I think you are amazing, interesting, fascinating and I really wish I knew in person, so we could hang out and become friends kind of falling in love. And I mean it, if I lived near any of you, I believe we would be best friends and I wish that I have had or could possible have the great privilege and honor of meeting each and every one of you. But sadly I may never meet any of you, and that is truly, heart bracingly sad. Because I truly do love each and everyone of you and feel like we are all carved from the same wants, desires, dreams and aspirations in life that connects us to one another. I really hope that some of you have the ability to fall in love a little with everyone you meet and those whose blogs you follow. And invest your life in another, because that is the only thing that makes this life worth wild. To love people and to for most love the God who created us and in loving Him, we are able to love others!

Love you guys, really and truly! Lets be better and more intentional with one another!

P.S – Its storming again! Oh how I love it, I love the sound of thunder and lightening and rain hitting down on pavement and roof tops. Its so serene, and it cools off this hot Alabama heat!

Fun, interesting fact/quote of the day: “If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go” -Matthew Gray Gubler

I find this to be so very true! Got to love the weird and strangely fascinating people in this world!


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