Two Hundred And Seventy

Its been roughly 270 days since my last post, it has been just that long since I have even logged into WordPress. I have noticed every time I come on more and more of the blogs I love to read have abandoned their sites. Its almost sad – I mean does there become a time where we are just too old for blogging, or too busy, or too whatever? I mean I am not one to talk, this is my first post of 2016 and I barely wrote any in 2015, and I even now reminded with reminders that I have 26 drafts of un-posted words and thoughts. I guess for me I have lost words, I have lost anything of importance to say – which is tragic, because I have always loved blogging and the community that goes along with it. But to have the community, you have to build up a following, to build up a following you have to actually blog on a regular basis. I pretty much failed at that. But as I said, I feel like I have nothing of importance to say, and I always have been a believer in if you have nothing of value to contribute, then don’t contribute empty words and phrases just for the sake of doing so. Its always been a pretty good motto that I have lived by, I have never seen a reason to violate its sanctity.

Granted for the last 1 and a half my life has been consumed with full time work and school, as well as struggling to hold onto and maintain any shred of my friendships and relationships in the process of my hectic life and schedule. So blogging really became buried in the back of my mind overtaken by items of more importance and priority. I know its not much of an excuse, but there it is – its truth, my truth.

I feel like I should have more to say after all this time, but I don’t – I did however finally start writing that book during one of my breaks from school. But I go t as far as the first two chapters and lost interest.

Well, I am gonna take a look at that overwhelming 26 drafts and see if I can salvage any to post later on or at least delete some, or half, or all – will see!