Time is a funny thing,
it quite often passes us by in a blink of an eye.
We all of a sudden go from youthful smiles to wrinkled eyes.
But all I need is time,
not time to escape the oldness of age or in efforts to try to obtain lasting beauty.
No, that is not quite what I had in mind.
I just need time to remember who I was before I met you, before your entire being consumed the entirety of the essence of who I once was.
Time to recover from the heartbreak that severed us into two, rather than a solid unit.
Time to forget how your smile, your touch, even your words altered me to my core.
Time to respond to the last thing you said, while regaining time to remove the first thing I had said.

we are always living among borrowed time, never quite knowing when someone will walk out of our lives forever.
We always think were timeless, but really were just prisoners of time, that is the reality that consumes us.


Missing you

I miss you
You were the best of my teenage years
No one knew me as well as you. Everything was instantly better when you were around.

You loving me and I loving you was so simple and beautiful but of course I had to make it all way too complicated.
So, it didn’t take long after I broke your heart to know the feeling of regret that crept up like vile.
I lost my best friend
I lost my other half, a piece of my soul
Realizing the piece that was always missing and wormed your way into places I didn’t even know existed.

Then I had to go and turn both of our realities upside down.

Severing the ties of our romance that resulted to a bitter end of the greatest friendship I’ve ever known.

so here I am a decade later still missing you.

Wishing I could still be loving you.