the nightmares that haunt us

something that I thought I dealt with along time ago came back to the surface. I don’t talk about it much and do not believe I have ever mentioned it on here or any other blog I have owned. I have PTSD – without going into the gory details, its from childhood trauma/abuse. I was diagnosed at 16.

I was watching a war move, I have seen many, I am very interested by history and watch them when I can. For the first time, in a very, very long time I had a reaction that awoken and stirred up some unresolved emotions of my PTSD.

It had nothing to do with the war scenes, but it had everything to do with the few brief scenes of child abuse… Especially the scene when a gun was pulled on child (never fired, but aimed anyways).

I am still a little shook up and I don’t think I can sleep, nor do I want to – I feel I have a lot to say about this, but this is good as it is going to get as of now.