The void-less abyss

Shouting out into the distance
The soundless void of the great abyss

The unknown that is far too great for man to fathom
Too wide, too vast…
The universe ever expanding and humanity become smaller and smaller

Yet, us mere humans, think we are the biggest and most important the universe has ever seen – reality being quite contray, the truth is painful

we are but a created thing, like everything else in this universe

however, we are the only created that is in image of the Great Creator – who is in all things and has made all things

And yet, knowing these simple truths
still has me relentlessly seeking the confounding, haunting truth
that we are so, so small.
We are so, so lost.
We are nothing special on our own.

But when we come together, when we unite from the span of many to one accord of sound mind and heart.

That is something beautiful!

And suddenly the void is no longer scary
The void becomes an adventure worth seeking
A life worth living
The wandering worth pursuing

I believe it is said best: “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere I want it more than I can tell.” – Beauty and the Beast