Here’s to the critics and naysayers

and she threw it all away
they said
you will never be more than this
they said
you will look back and regret this one day
they said

but throwing it all away
turned out to be the best decision she ever made

when you let go
of all the ideology
of all of the pretension and lies
dropping the expectations
leaving behind all the fears and doubts

When you open up your mind to a world of new possibilities
you are able to step into the person you were meant to be
you found freedom in the escape

in leaving, you always find yourself
in leaving, you always come back
you come back to tell them
you come back to show them

They were wrong
you didn’t throw it all away
you chased after it

They were wrong
you are more than this
more than anyone could ever dream of you becoming

They were wrong
you have looked back
you took your time,
gave a nice long reflection
and you laugh to yourself
because the only thing you regret…

was not leaving sooner


2 responses to “Here’s to the critics and naysayers

    • Thank you for your kind words! And I never thought of it from your perspective, that I chased. I like that idea of it! And I agree, we have to be careful who we surround ourselves with because they are not always the best nor they do they always have our best interest in mind.

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