This is me

Sometimes I have so many thoughts going on in my head I just don’t even know where to begin or how to sort it all out to the point to where I am coherent enough for it all to make sense. Then, sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all because it’s just a big bag of weird stored up there in there. So I blog, I attempt to make sense of it all, but sometimes I don’t.

I like to admit my short comings, it helps me to remember that I am only human. You might think its a strange thing to forget, but it is more common than you realize. Its the failings in life, its the storms that we withstand and weather over the years, they can make us strong or callous us to the cruelties of life if we let them. Or we can let them make us human. I chose to be human!

I hide so much of myself, I long to be exposed. This blog allows me the capability to do that, with the comforts and safety net of some anonymity. I want to be seen and desire to be understood, I want to be who I am in my rawest and purest form. But if we are all honest with ourselves, this is what we all want in some shape, form or fashion.



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